Best Holiday Fitness Gifts

There’s lots of lists out there for the best holiday fitness gifts. We’ve scoured them all to bring all of you early shoppers our top picks for the 2016 holiday season!


Easy to set – never forget. This clever lock uses letters instead of numbers to help you remember you’re “combination”.

wordlock combination lock

Exercise Journal

It may not be high-tech, but sometimes nothing beats a good old-fashioned planner to track progress. This version also includes motivational sayings, healthy recipes, and spaces to record workouts and fitness goals.

fitness planner

Quilt My Shirts

Stop wondering what to do with that stack of race t-shirts, or the drawer full of your young athletes team shirts. Take those shirts and have them made into a unique custom quilt that will be a road map of their success’ for years to come!

tshirt quilt

Fitbit Surge

 If the fitness fanatic in your life doesn’t have a Fitbit yet, I’m sure they want one! The Surge is the top of the line Fibit, and takes fitness trackers to the next level by also measuring cycling, cross training and other workouts. If you’ve ever felt like you weren’t getting “credit” for your workout, you know how frustrating it can be. Now, Fitbit Surge owners won’t have to feel that way any longer!

fitbit surge

Inspirational Art

Make getting up for that early morning workout better with some motivational artwork.

motivational artwork


180 Ear warmers with Headphones

Ear warmers are a must have for any outdoor activity that’s got you braving the elements. And music is an essential component of many a workout. Solve both situations with the 180s Urban With Headphones ($35), which click from the back and stay put to warm lobes and keep eardrums happy.

earwarmers with headphones


Race Bib Coasters

For runners, every race you complete is a special memory. Sometimes you might feel sentimental and save your race bibs, but what are you ever really going to do with them? Thanks to this genius idea, you can now commemorate these momentous occasions and accomplishments by having your bib made into custom coasters.

custom race bib coasters

Geek Out Your Workout: ScullyFit’s Gadget List

If you’re looking for some new tech toys and gadgets to enhance your workouts, read on. We scoured the web to see what’s out there and put together a list of our favorite finds.

Nike Lunar TR1+ Trainers

The TR1+ trainers are the next step of evolution in Nike’s footwear offering. The shoes have pressure sensors built directly into their sole which use your foot’s heel, ball, and toe to measure the spread of your weight and judge your movement. When combined with their accompanying app, this data allows you to receive real-time feedback on your training technique and posture, consequently making sure you receive the maximum advantage from your workout.

The app itself features several home-based workouts from many of the world’s top sports stars and even has a virtual gym buddy to motivate you through the difficult moments.


SmartMat Yoga Mat

If you’ve ever done Yoga alone at home, and then gone to a class with an instructor, you know what a difference perfecting your form makes.

This is no average yoga mat, that’s for sure. The SmartMat syncs with an app to track when you’re out of alignment and give you verbal, real-time feedback on how to correct your poses. It also tracks your progress and allows you to note your preferences so you can customize your workout. Get it for a discounted rate and pre-order now.

SunFriend UV Wristband

With the un-offical end of summer coming up this weekend, you may think mentioning this gadget is “too little too late”, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. We are exposed to UV rays every day of the year – so this is a perfect reminder that even though it may not be beach weather, you still need to protect yourself against sun exposure.

According to the SCF, up to 80 percent of the sun’s UV rays can pass through clouds. This is the reason people often end up with serious sunburns on overcast days if they’ve spent time outside with no sun protection. Even in the winter months, you need to beware: Snow can reflect up to 80 percent of UV rays, increasing exposure.

Inspired by the powerful UV sensors developed at NASA, the small device is worn on your wrist and measures the sun’s intensity whilst monitoring your total daily sun exposure. The device’s biggest selling point is that it doesn’t only monitor UV exposure from direct sunlight, but also from reflected surfaces, indoor areas, and places in the shade. This UV monitor comes in different colors and can be purchased on

uv monitor, uv protection

Connected Cycle Smart Pedal

For the bikers who have been frustrated with all the activity trackers out there that only track steps and running – this one’s for you. This smart pedal from Connected Cycle is making big waves in the biking industry. Not only does it track stats like speed, route, incline, and calories burned on each ride, but it also alerts you through an app if someone tries to steal your bike. Thanks to a GPS locator, you can also see where it’s been taken if it gets into the wrong hands.

bike pedal, connected cycle

S+ Sleep Tracker

So, you weren’t convinced that your FitBit Flex was accurately monitoring your sleep? Me either! Just because you aren’t moving, doesn’t mean you’re sleeping.

Here’s a sleep tracker that collects data without requiring any contact with your body. Simply place it by your bed and it will monitor your breathing patterns, chest movements, environment conditions, and more. You’ll also get insight on what exactly is influencing your sleep patterns and tips on how to improve them.

sleep + sleep tracker,