Just Do Something: 30-Day Challenge

Greatist.com and FitBit have partnered to bring you this easily achievable 30-day challenge to get you through the holidays. Our blog and mission focus’ on promoting measurable and attainable health and wellness goals for our residents and readers. Greatist.com says it best: “Some of our all-time favorite advice: Doing something, anything at all, is always better than nothing. It’s not only true, but the bigger takeaway is that sometimes (like during the holiday season) being realistic is far better than an all-or-nothing approach.”

The 30-Day Challenge they have created, in partnership with Fitbit, makes staying active during this busy time of the year possible. No equipment needed, and the time required each day is minimal. To make it even better, they are giving away a Fitbit Charge HR. For more details, check out Greatist.com 

30 day holiday fitness challenge



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