What Is ScullyFit?

The ScullyFit program takes a comprehensive approach to redefining the definition of fitness. Our philosophy focuses on promoting a well-rounded healthy lifestyle that goes far beyond conventional fitness goals and encompasses all aspects of wellness including positive body image, maintaining a work-life balance, developing positive nutritional habits, and more.

ScullyFit’s tangible elements include trendsetting equipment and technology to assist our residents in reaching their physical fitness goals, while simultaneously creating a community within our community. Residents can immerse themselves in a virtual workout experience with our cardio equipment to escape to Southern California’s famous beaches or to hike the Alpine Meadows of Northern Italy, all while staying connected to their social media accounts and wearable fitness devices/apps. Our fitness kiosks feature a wide range of fitness classes for all levels that encourage camaraderie and motivation among the residents through group fitness.

ScullyFit’s goal is to provide the resources, information and forum to guide our residents on the path to achieving ultimate health and happiness!

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